The greatest Napoli football shirt to be worn by Maradona

We caught up with football shirt trader, Damien from Classic Soccer Jerseys, to talk about his love of Napoli shirts. Especially the “golden era” 1984 shirt.

First football shirt?

Olympique de Marseille 2004/05. I received it for my 14th Birthday from my nan. My parents hate football, so that’s why it took so long.

Favourite football shirt?

My favourite shirt is the Napoli 1984/95 home shirt. The first shirt worn by Maradona as Napoli player. Its was manufactured by Linea Time and made of thick wool, with stitched CIRIO sponsor and badges.

The fact that it was the start of the ‘golden era’ of Napoli makes is such an important shirt. My wife’s from Naples so she and especially her family taught me a lot about that time. Maradona is still a god there and rumour has it that some police officers won’t fine cars with 87, 90 or 10 in the number plate. 87 and 90 being the years Napoli won the ‘scudetto’.

What is the best shirt you’ve found?

1990 West Germany home shirt - Football Shirt Collective

Not on the internet, but on the flea market. €25 for a long sleeve Adidas Germany 1990/92 home shirt. On the internet the 1981 long sleeve France shirt for 15€.

What is your favourite football moment?

France winning the 2018 World Cup. Is my wife reading this? It was felt almost as good as my wedding day. Oh she isn’t ? BEST DAY OF MY LIFE ! There’s nothing quite like France winning the World Cup when you live in Belgium.

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