2019-20 Arsenal shirts leaked but they’re about as kosher as a pork sausage

Earlier today there were some leaked designs of the 2019-20 Arsenal shirt doing the rounds on Twitter, that have now be debunked as fakes.

There has been a lot of talk about the 2019-20 Arsenal shirt. Adidas are taking on the kit making duties from Puma, with Arsenal fans desperate for Adidas to bring back some early 90s gold such as the infamous “Bruised Banana“.

Today on Twitter @AFCStuff leaked some images of the the 2019-20 Arsenal home shirt and 2019-20 Arsenal away shirt.

2019-20 Arsenal home shirt

The home shirt has the stripes and collar based on the 1989 shirt with black trim and a criss cross design.

2019-20 Arsenal away shirt

The away shirt has a yellow base keeping with tradition and as triangle / arrow design.

After much fun and games is was revealed that the shirts we in fact based on designs the football shirt designer and illustrator Rupert Albe pulled together.

Arsenal fans would you be happy with that shirt? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re looking for a shirt check out our marketplace.


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