3 reasons this should be the Arsenal away shirt next season

I think it’s fair to say that Arsenal fans are excited at what the partnership with Adidas will throw up next season.  The shirt on every Arsenal fans wish list has to be the 1991-93 ‘bruised banana‘ away shirt.

1991 93 Arsenal Adidas away

We love it for 3 reasons.

It will remind you of Wrighty and David Rocastle

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So many legends wore that shirt it’s untrue.  Wrighty.  Rocastle.  Adams.  A legendary shirt wore by legendary players.

It divides opinion like know other – East Lower

It was the scrambled egg, dazzle ship horror show from 1992, clearly designed by people who’d had a lot of fun in the acid house years. I’ve supported Arsenal since 1980, but that was the first shirt I ever had and I bought it as a joke – that’s how eye-stingingly foul it was. I could never have guessed that 20 years later it would gain cult status.

According to Chris Scull Dennis Penis wore it at Highbury

I liked the Arsenal ’92 yellow-and-black away kit. People hate that, I love it! I saw Dennis Pennis [played by Paul Kaye] once at Highbury wearing it, and that really cemented in my opinion that it was one of the greatest shirts of all time.

There you have it Adidas.  Bring back the bruised banana.  It was loved by comedians, will make everyone feel nostalgic and get people talking.

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