The Manchester United legend who loved to drop a rap on a night out

We’ve all got that mate.  On a night out with the lads, he grabs a mic, everyone forms a circle around them and he pretends to be Tupac.  Well at Manchester United for the ‘Class of 92’ that man was Ryan Giggs.

Earlier this week, Gary Neville was an amazing guest on the Quickly Kevin podcast and  revealed the most musically talented members of the United squad.

The right back himself would take his guitar with him when he’d go on tour with England and United but he was overshadowed on a night out.

Ryan Giggs Manchester United illustration

Ryan Giggs Manchester United illustration by Matt Pascoe

Dion Dublin was musical.  Lee Sharpe liked a dance.  Ryan Giggs could do a good rap.

When we went on a night out, the JD and cokes would come out and Giggsy would bust out “Rappers Delight”.  He could do a good rap and we all loved it.

Ryan Giggs.  A rapper.  Who would have thought it.  Make sure you give Quickly Kevin

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