Watford midfielder Nathaniel Chalobah’s first Chelsea shirt was a belter

We spoke to England and Watford midfielder about his first Chelsea shirt and love of Napoli kits for our book, Your First Football Shirt.

Your First Football Shirt is an illustrated book of interviews with footballers and famous fans about their first football shirts raising money for CALM and Willow.

Your first football shirt


My first shirt was my ‘Chalobah 62’ shirt for Chelsea. We couldn’t afford to buy football kits as a kid so I had to wait until I made my debut in pre-season against Crystal Palace in a friendly for my first proper one!

Your favourite football shirt


Favourite football shirt would have to be my Napoli shirt from the 2015-16 season when I was on loan there. The fit and design were so nice and the fact I got to have the No 94 on the back.

Best player you’ve swapped a shirt with

I like swapping shirts with friends I’ve played with or against, so it’s a tough one. I would probably say a Brazil shirt I got from Willian. I like the colour and it came from a close friend.

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Interview:  Nathaniel Chalobah
Illustrator: Joe Shiels



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