Manchester City fans are loving the latest Tens Club tribute

Tens Club have dropped their latest release inspired by Nice, Italy and former Manchester City legend Mario Balotelli.

Tens Club release a new drop on the 10th of every month via their newsletter and in the past have dropped releases inspired by legends such as Robbie Fowler, Eric Cantona and Michel Platini.

This month, the man of the hour is former Manchester City striker, Balotelli and the drop is the form of mechanic t-shirt.  Balotelli probably hit his best form under Mancini at Manchester City and played a key role in that Aguero league winning goal but according to the Argentine it nearly didn’t happen.

“I said to Mario Balotelli ‘Stay close to me, I’m going to try and play a one-two at some point’.

“Mario just went ‘yeah, yeah, yeah!’ I don’t know if he was actually listening to me! He is a bit crazy so maybe he didn’t understand!”

Anyways back to the shirt.  It is a beauty.  It has a light blue base with dark blue pinstripe and M Balotelli’s auto and body repair shop on the back.  We think its banging and a fitting tribute to the legend that is Mario.

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