These Tottenham and Aston Villa kits will remind you why 90s training shirts were the best

Let me take you back to a time when Umbro ruled the roost in football shirt design.  It was the early 90s.  John Major had just become Prime Minister, the Premier League was in its infancy and Umbro unleashed a range of football shirts that were unrivaled.

Part of the charm of Umbro was the detail that they put into not just first team shirts but also training kits.  Like these Aston Villa and Spurs training shirts.

1992 Aston Villa x Umbro training shirt

1990 Aston Villa training top

What a beauty.  Round neck claret collar, blue shirt with Umbro embossed on it.  The front has a huge Aston Villa with crest but the best part are the sleeves.  Umbro and Mita Copiers sponsor printed on.  It’s class.  Young can picture Tony Daley rocking up to training in this.

1992 Tottenham Hotspur x Umbro training shirt

Tottenham Hotspur 1990s training shirt

Umbro introduced the same template for Spurs but with a blue base and white collar.  The print on the shirt is amazing with the Umbro logo repeated across in blue with a huge Spurs on the front.  Class.  It just screams Teddy Sheringham.

The detail that Umbro put into these training shirts is absolutely class.

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