3 undebatable reasons why this is our favourite Liverpool away shirt

Liverpool have had some amazing away shirts over the years but nothing comes close to the 1995-96 away shirt made by Adidas.

The 1995-96 Liverpool away shirt was a bold move from Adidas.  Huge green and white squares, 3 stripes on the shoulder and a grandad collar.

It was worn by Liverpool in the 1995-96 FA Cup final at Wembley and despite bringing back memories of that loss we love it for three reasons.

John Barnes and John Scales in Liverpool green and white adidas shirt

  1. The grandad collar – very underrated is the old Grandad collar.  Adidas brought them into the Premier League in the mid 90s on both this Liverpool shirt but also Newcastle United.  Rob Lee was a big fan.
  2. The massive stick on Carlsberg sponsor – so big green and white squares is a strong look but it does make it tricky to add the sponsor.  That’s where the big f*ck off white box comes in.  Lovely.
  3. It reminds us of Robbie Fowler scoring a shed load of goals and having a go at Roy Keane.

Robbie Fowler Roy Keane Liverpool Manchester United

Let us know what you think of the Liverpool shirt in the comments below.

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