Cypress Hill football shirt

Killa Villa x Puma have launched a zinger of a Cypress Hill football shirt as part of their latest drop.

Taking inspiration from 90s rap, Killa Villa have produced a series of hip hop inspired shirts for sale including this Cypress Hill football shirt.

Killa Villa is a creative community that has a shared passion for Hip Hop culture, sports, and lifestyle, who look to combine the relevance of European Football (Soccer) with the global appeal of 90’s Hip-Hop culture.

There are 3 shirts in the drop;  Snoop, N.W.A and Cypress Hill.

Killa Villa Puma Cypress Hill football shirt

Cypress Hill football shirt x Nike

The Cypress Hill shirt is designed on a green Puma base with white trim and logo on the shoulder.  On the front is Tequila Spice and the Killa Villa crest of a skull with 2 worms and lyrics to Tequila Sunrise; “Tequila sunrise, bloodshot eyes, realise we’re all born to die”.


We think its banging.  Finally Snoop doesn’t need to wear old Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea hand me downs.

Pick up your Killa Villa x Cypress Hill football shirt here. 



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