This N.W.A football shirt is utterly glorious

Killa Villa have launched an absolutely stunning N.W.A football shirt as part of their latest drop.

Beyond rappers like; Snoop Dogg, Pusha-T and Drake donning the occasional football shirt, hip hop and football haven’t really ever crossed paths.  Well, until Killa Villa came along.

Killa Villa is a creative community that has a shared passion for Hip Hop culture, sports, and lifestyle, who look to combine the relevance of European Football (Soccer) with the global appeal of 90’s Hip-Hop culture.

Compton NWA football shirt

N.W.A football shirt x Nike

Taking inspiration from 90s rap, Killa Villa has produced a series of hip hop inspired shirts for sale.  Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill and this banging NWA football shirt.

The kit is design on a black Nike football shirt with Compton sponsor.

NWA football shirt badge

The crest is a close up of Easy-E, the “Godfather of gangster rap” with 2 guns behind him.

We think its banging.  The perfect shirt to “express yourself” in.  Ahem.

Pick up your Killa Villa x N.W.A football shirt here.


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