This Manchester City shirt will make you long for Niall Quinn’s disco pants

1991 Manchester City was very different to 2018 Manchester City.   They were owned by local business man Peter Swales (not Sheik Mansour), Peter Reid was their manager (not Pep) and they played their matches at Maine Road (not the Etihad).

There were no trophies in sight and no glamour signings but Manchester City did get to play in this absolutely banging shirt.

The 1991-93 Manchester City shirt was made by Umbro.  It had a crazy Umbro print, tidy button up collar and one of the best sponsors the Premier League has ever seen.  Brother.

We asked our everyone on our Instagram who the shirt reminded them of.  There were some notable choices.  Steve Lomas.  Uwe Rosler.  Even Liam Gallagher (?) but the resounding winner was the big lad Niall Quinn and his glorious disco pants.

You can grab your Manchester City shirt here and check out the lovely prints of Maine Road by Matthew J Wood.  

Maine Road Manchester City Print


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