This Arsenal shirt will remind you of Ian Wright … and your best mate

1994-95 will arguably go down as the greatest year ever.  Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption and Toy Story were released in film.  Cotton Eye Joe, All for Love and I Swear dominated the music charts. Whilst Nike and Arsenal released some absolutely lovely shirts.

The 1994-95 home and away Arsenal shirts had a thick collar, the vintage old Arsenal crest, JVC sponsor and a class zig zag print.

They were worn by a host of legends.  We asked our pals on Instagram who it reminded the of and there were some crackers.  Tony Adams.  Of course.  Glenn Helder.  Banter.  But the most popular choice was goal machine Ian Wright.

Our favourite comment though came from @Lukealxdavis;

I actually thought of my best friend (who didn’t play for Arsenal lol) but I’d say Ian Wright

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