Manchester United home kit 2018-19 rated: a new look that Adidas have absolutely nailed

Manchester United unveiled their 2018-19 home kit on Wednesday, and, although it’s a departure from the classic block red of years gone by, we think Adidas have done a pretty good job with the Red Devils this season.

Home kit

Made by: Adidas
Price: £64.95 (Adidas store)
Rating: 7/10



The likes of Paul Pogba (if he’s still there, that is…) will be wearing the iconic Manchester United red, with a twist. Not only are this season’s Adidas stripes black, but the kit has black stripes at the bottom of the shirt.

As controversial a step as the gingham print back in 2012, the stripes on the shirt are supposed to represent railway tracks, a nod to the club’s heritage.

Here’s what they had to say: “The latest jersey marks 140 years since the club was founded, with a train track graphic referencing United’s original name, Newton Heath (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) Cricket and Football Club.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 19.38.57.png

Jesse Lingard doesn’t look that up for it to be fair

“The team was originally formed in 1878 by the Carriage and Waggon department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath and initially played games against other departments and rail companies at their home ground at North Road, Manchester.

“In 1892, the club entered the English First Division – the highest league in the country at the time, before changing its name to the now world-renowned Manchester United in 1902, and moving to the iconic stadium of Old Trafford in 1910.”

A nice touch on a pretty decent shirt.

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One thought on “Manchester United home kit 2018-19 rated: a new look that Adidas have absolutely nailed

  1. They don’t remind me of a railway track although under Mourinho I can see the implication as his style supplies the sleepers. This is the media backed by Adidas and the Club trying to justify what the majority of fans regard as the worst shirt ever and very expensive too. United deserve better design awareness and a unique style. So far Adidas have used the same blue shirt for Juve too and no doubt in different shade and colours this red shirt will appear throughout Adidas supplied Clubs.

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