World Cup 2018 kit ranking: Egypt kits are pretty meh

Egypt’s World Cup hopes were somewhat boosted by the revelation that Mo Salah is likely to be fit enough to play some part in their bid to be the dark horses of the tournament. While Salah is the man Egypt are hoping to light up the tournament, their kits are a bit, well, bland.

Home shirt:

Manufacturer: Adidas
Price: £69.95 (Adidas website)
Ranking: 5/10

At least it’s red for any Liverpool fans looking to back Mo Salah at the World Cup

Look, it’s not bad, it’s just a bit plain. The subtle square print in the shirt’s fabric is an OK touch, but the black-and-red colour scheme of Egypt should be a kit designer’s dream. For whatever reason, Adidas have produced one of their safer designs of the tournament.

Away shirt:

Manufacturer: Adidas
Price: N/A in UK
Ranking: 5/10

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 13.40.44.png

There’s nothing wrong with a plain kit, but the World Cup should be a chance to push the boundaries a bit. Think of a memorable kit from major tournaments gone by, and the chances are they aren’t safe or bland. This one happens to be both.

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