Ex-Premier League ref Clattenburg on the nightmare of refereeing ex-Chelsea and Man United boss Mourinho

Lots of people have noticed the change in Jose Mourinho between his first spell in the Premier League with Chelsea to his recent time at Manchester United.

Mourinho arrived as the Special One in 2004, taking over from Claudio Ranieri at Stamford Bridge. Not only did he bring trophies to west London, but he was lauded for his self-assured and witty personality.

Mourinho left Chelsea in 2007 after winning back-to-back titles in his first season. He took over Inter Milan and won the treble, before joining Real Madrid. He returned to Chelsea in 2013, and the happy-go-lucky demeanour wasn’t quite the same.

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Mark Clattenburg, who refereed in the Premier League for 13 years, spoke to talkSPORT about how tricky it was to handle Mourinho after his first spell at Chelsea.

He said: “When he first came to England, Jose Mourinho was special. He had time for everyone, you could have a conversation with him about football, about life, about anything.

“But when he came back things were different. He had a difficult relationship with me and refereeing.

“I remember this game at Stoke, where he came in 30 minutes afterwards as usual. He was adamant I had missed a penalty decision and that he’d seen it on the video.

“I then watched the video and the ball quite clearly hit Ryan Shawcross’ chest instead of his hand.

“I don’t know what video he’d seen or if he was just playing mind games but I had to drive 200 miles home thinking I had made another mistake which eats away at you.

“When I got home and found I hadn’t made the mistake I thought ‘why?’

“Being a referee is sometimes a tough job but you don’t need the other side of it where they play mind games to try and get into your head because there’s no need for it. Refereeing is a tough life at times.”

Mourinho has become quite well known for being a tricky customer for referees to deal with, and Clattenburg isn’t the first to notice a prickly side to the Portuguese manager since his return to the Premier League.

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