Liverpool. West Ham. England. Quickly Kevin had some cracking first football shirts

Josh, Chris & Michael from the Quickly Kevin podcast did a special recording for our Your First Football Shirt campaign about their first football shirt and its fair to say they had some absolute crackers.  England x Umbro, Liverpool shirts with Crown Paints on the front and West Ham kits with Allen M on the back.

  • Have a listen to the podcast here and back Your First Football Shirt here.

Josh Widdicombe – England

Gazza England 1990 Umbro
My first shirt was the England Italia 90 shirt, which had embroidered under the England badge the words “Italia ’90”, so it couldn’t really go any better than that. But then we did a school pantomime and someone else played Gazza, I lent him that shirt and never got it back. There was a lot of debate over whether I’d been given it back – I hadn’t – but that was the end of it. A heartbreaking story.

Michael Marden – Liverpool


A red Liverpool Crown Paints shirt. My uncle on my mum’s side – they’re all Liverpool fans and they tried to convert me to be a Liverpool fan – he would send me on my birthdays and Christmases Liverpool shirts, and he sent me that one. So, the next year I turned up on my birthday to Liverpool wearing a Man United shirt. He didn’t speak to me again.

Chris Scull – West Ham

West Ham squad 1993-95
A West Ham 1993 home shirt that I got in the club store and I can still remember the smell of the club store, it was so exciting, and I had Martin Allen put on the back. At the time, his name was on the back as “Allen M” – I don’t know why, it’s not a thing. That was my first ever shirt, it was lovely.

Have a listen to the Quickly Kevin podcast here and back Your First Football Shirt here.



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