Man United legend Neville absolutely rinses ex-Newcastle man Dyer after ‘dwarf’ joke

Manchester United and Newcastle had a few feisty games back in the day, but apparently some of the players from the Noughties aren’t done with each other just yet.

While paying tribute to the retiring Arsene Wenger, Kieron Dyer began lavishing praise on the Frenchman’s most successful Arsenal sides, of which he faced them all while at Newcastle.

A part of why he was so impressed about Wenger’s team was their physical prowess. The likes of Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell and Martin Keown were burly athletes who, when you lined up next to them in the tunnel, sent a shiver down your spine.

While on BBC Radio 5Live, Dyer said that the other dominant force in English football, Man United, weren’t anywhere near as intimidating as the Gunners. He also jokingly described former United right-back and club legend Gary Neville as ‘a dwarf’. Take a look here.

But Neville, who now spends a fair bit of time on the TV with Sky Sports, bit back, and absolutely pulled the former Newcastle winger’s pants down.

Take a look at his response:

Back in your box, Kieron.

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One thought on “Man United legend Neville absolutely rinses ex-Newcastle man Dyer after ‘dwarf’ joke

  1. get in gary, nicely said.

    Dyer, Jenas show no respect for their time at Newcastle where they were paid and treated extremely well

    funny how the likes of Fedinand, Ginola, Asprilla etc see things differently to these two.

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