Do you remember your first Arsenal football shirt?

We love football shirts.  Not only for their designs but also the memories they evoke.  Over the year we’ve interviewed a shed loads of Arsenal players and famous fans to celebrate their first shirts.


The yellow and blue away kit Arsenal wore in the late 70s. It was made of some kind of weird towelling material if I remember correctly.

Amy Lawrence

My first football shirt was a mid-1970s Arsenal home shirt. It had classic simplicity – red, with white sleeves and trim, cannon, that’s it. The full kit came with huge, billowing Alex James style shorts and red socks. I was around 5 years old, and recall wearing it to a fancy dress party.

Season x FSC_110418_Cover

Le Grove

Now, I’m not sure if this was my first ever  but it was certainly the first one I can recall. It was the 1990-92 Arsenal goalkeeper shirt.  Made famous by David Seaman, and more so, Steve Harper. The shirt was not a snug fit,  it was about 2 sizes too big. This shirt sticks in the memory because it was also the first and only shirt I ruined climbing trees. The horror that the snags I had put in to my gift were irreparable, was a life lesson and a half.

East Lower

It was the scrambled egg, dazzle ship horror show from 1992, clearly designed by people who’d had a lot of fun in the acid house years. I’ve supported Arsenal since 1980, but that was the first shirt I ever had and I bought it as a joke – that’s how eye-stingingly foul it was. I could never have guessed that 20 years later it would gain cult status.

A Cultured Left Foot

It was a yellow and blue shirt – mid-70s, typical fare. Except it wasn’t anything like the Arsenal shirt she tried to pass it off as. Although my first genuine football shirt was a 1974 1FC Kaiserslautern shirt from my uncle was in the RAF and stationed nearby.

Tim Stillman

My first ever football shirt was Arsenal’s 1990-1992 home kit, the famous “splodges” design. My mum bought it for me in a sports shop in Beckenham, Southeast London. I’ve moved back into the area recently and the shop is still there too. It was a bit of an iconic moment really, it was the summer of 1990 and I’d just started to contract the football bug.

Dan Levy

My first kit was an Arsenal late-80s home shirt: red torso, white sleeves, made by adidas with JVC as the sponsor.

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