The best Liverpool, Manchester City & Juventus illustrations in this weeks Champions Draw

BT Champions Draw was back this week with some beautiful illustrations for Manchester City v Liverpool and Real Madrid v Juventus.  The ones with most votes will go through to the next round so give the one you like a RT or ❤️ below.

Manchester City v Liverpool Hannah Caroll Designs

Beautiful illustration of Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah facing off.  Currently on 148 ❤️.

Liverpool v Manchester City Dan Leydon

Kev and Mo staring at the Kop with a ‘football heritage’ sign.  Currently on 428 ❤️.

Real Madrid v Juventus Dave Merrell

Picture of Gigi with Superman outfit under his suit, drinking red win with Ronaldo flying by the plane.  Class.  Currently on 347 ❤️.

Real Madrid v Juventus Scott McRoy

Great picture of 3 icons. Buffon.  Ronaldo.  Ramos.  Currently on 98 ❤️.


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