Why you should never room with Leeds United and Blackburn Rovers legend David Batty

England left back, Tony Dorigo was on the Quickly Kevin podcast this week and shared some amazing stories about his time at Chelsea, Leeds United and England, including a funny warning about David Batty.

One name that often comes up on the podcast (because he was so weird) is David Batty.  The defensive midfielder was renowned on the 90s football circuit as he wasn’t particularly into football and since his retirement has gone awol.

Dorigo roomed with Batty for England and Leeds United and they were on tour in New Zealand.  After a week of friendlies and training they were given the day off.

Like most players, Dorigo went off to play golf.  Not for Batty.  He went fishing.

At the end of the day both players returned to the room and Batty stunk the place out.  His tracksuit was covered from head to toe in fish guts.

Dorigo wasn’t having it and said how disgusting Batty was and how much he stunk and that he had ruined his tracksuit.

Batty’s response;

It’s not my tracksuit.  It’s yours.

Take this as a warning.  Never room with David Batty.

If you haven’t already give Quickly Kevin a listen here.  You won’t regret it.

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