Former Everton star Heitinga complains about scaled-back lifestyle in retirement

John Heitinga wasn’t a half-bad player during his time at Everton.

During his pomp under David Moyes at Goodison Park, you’d probably put the former Holland centre-back in the top half of Premier League defenders.

But he wasn’t a world-beater. The great strikers in the league would have much preferred to face Heitinga than the likes of Vincent Kompany, Nemanja Vidic or John Terry.


Despite being quite good but not that good, Heitinga, who retired at the end of last season after a second spell at Ajax, has complained about the more modest lifestyle he has to adhere to since hanging up his boots.


“When I was still playing football we had a lot more money coming in. Our expenditures were likewise. Now we are trying to adjust,” he told 1limburg.

“In the past, we sometimes chartered a private jet, but we don’t do that now.

“On holidays we do still rent a fancy villa, but you get different categories of ‘fancy’.”

It must be a hard life for the man who became the fifth player to be sent off in a World Cup final in 2010 …

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