These Arsenal x Umbro concept shirts will remind you of better times

Our friends at La Casaca have reimagined what Arsenal shirts would be look like if made by Umbro and inspired by their shirts in the 90s.  There are 3 shirts.

Arsenal x Umbro home shirt

Arsenal Umbro Concept home Lacasaca

The home shirt has the Umbro badge and Arsenal crest with a plain red body with subtle red hoops.  There’s nice touches on the sleeves with red and black thin lines.

Arsenal x Umbro away shirt

Arsenal Umbro Concept away Lacasaca

The away shirt is inspired by the 1995-96 blue zig zag away shirt made by Nike.  It has a dark and light blue body with Umbro sponsor and the Premier League badge.  This is without doubt our favourite.

Arsenal x Umbro third shirt

Arsenal x Umbro third  shirt

The third shirt is a bit reminiscent of the 2008 Arsenal maroon and blue hooped 3rd shirt.  It reminds us of William Gallas.

Let us know what you think of the shirts below and grab your Arsenal shirt in our marketplace like this beauty below.

Ian Wright 1995-96 Arsenal away



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