My first football shirt: Keisuke Yamada (City Boys FC)

We caught up with Keisuke Yamada, the founder of Cityboys FC to talk about; trying to get a Kazuyoshi Miura shirt, Sampdoria shirts with ‘the cool lace collars’ and the moment Japan qualified for the World Cup for the first time.

What was your first football shirt?

Kazu illustration

The J-League started in 1993 when I was eight years old.  Like other children I also wanted Kazuyoshi Miura’s jersey from Verdy Kawasaki but it was so popular that at any sports shop it was sold out.

There was only one football specialty store in my town, there were many jerseys other than the J-league sold there.

Illustration of Corinthians football shirt

My father bought me a white jersey at the store instead of Verdy jersey, that many years later I learned that was a Corinthians jersey in 1992.

What is your favourite football shirt?


I like the jersey of Sampdoria 94-95 asics. It’s an away white jersey, cool at the lace-neck collar. And I was big fan of Ruud Gullit.

Also, I think that what is important in the design of a football jersey is the corporate logo. This determines the good or bad of the jersey.

I think that the logo is a local company of the team or should have some affinity. This jersey meets that condition.

What is your favourite football moment?

I like the moment Japan qualified the World Cup for the first time.  Many Japanese fans will remember this game.  And Nakata was still dominating.

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