Arsenal legend Keown tells incredible story about Vinnie Jones headbutting a toilet wall…

Not many people would much about with Martin Keown during his time at Arsenal.

The former England centre-back was hard as nails, and played in a famously tough Arsenal side between 1993 and 2004.

But one team who were completely bonkers fancied their chances of upsetting the likes of Keown on the pitch: Wimbledon’s ‘Crazy Gang’

Nutters like Vinnie Jones, Dennis Wise and Mick Harford played under managers like Bobby Gould and Joe Kinnear, striking the fear into their opponents.

Jones was one of the Premier League’s original hard men, whose limited football ability was made up for in his fearsome presence in the middle of the pitch.

But Keown, while on BT Sport this weekend, told a hilarious story about how Arsenal’s French hard men in the form of Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira reacted to Jones’s shenanigans…

Keown was right… you’ll win a fair few games of football when you have Petit and Vieira in midfield.

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