The Manchester United shirt that made Eric see red and scared the Crystal Palace manager

25 January, 1995.  Manchester United travelled Crystal Palace wearing an all black kit.  Cantona booted a fan and Jonathan Pearce produced the greatest commentary since Robot Wars.

Manchester United were playing at Selhurst Park when Cantona shocked the world by smashing a fan who was abusing him with a kung fu kick.

United were wearing the all black number made by Umbro

The 1993-95 away shirt was all black with a bright yellow numbering and naming with blue trim and sponsor on the front.  Absolutely banging.


Crystal Palace manager Alan Smith had a feeling it something would kick off the moment he saw the United kit

What distinctly hit me was that they played in all black that night. None of them had shaved and they looked a pretty ferocious team. I was thinking ‘this is going to be a long evening’.

Jonathan Pearce produced the most sensational piece of commentary you’ve ever heard

Turn the volume up loud, sit back and drink it in.  Jonathan Pearce’s commentary is sensational.  “I care not one jot.”


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