Ex-Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti was literally the Italian version of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard

What do cool-as-ice former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti and heart-on-sleeve Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard have in common?

Well, not that much, apart from the fact that it’s come to our attention that Ancelotti played in an identical way to Gerrard during his time in Italy.

Just take a look at this clip:

It appears that, like Gerrard, when Ancelotti scored, he scored an absolute worldie.

The former AC Milan, PSG, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich manager was quite the player during his heyday in his homeland.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 23.10.37.png

Although he wasn’t as prolific as Gerrard, he was a tenacious midfielder who was a born winner.

Ancelotti won the Serie A three times (once with Roma and twice with AC Milan) and two European Cups with Milan. He carried that trophy-magnet mentality into his managerial career, winning everything on the menu at club level in Italy, France, Germany, England and Spain.

Even though he scored bangers like Gerrard, Ancelotti wasn’t quite a one-club man. He split his playing career between three Italian sides, Parma, Roma and Milan, where he was a vital squad member, alongside Paolo Maldini, Marco van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Roberto Donadoni and Frank Rijkaard.

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