This Middlesbrough away shirt will remind you of signing Juninho

In 1995-96 Middlesbrough returned to the top flight and secured a top flight finish wearing this glorious shirt made by Errea.

1995 96 Middlesbrough away shirt Errea

The shirt had thick blue and black stripes, a big collar and huge Boro crest.  It was worn in a season more remembered for who they signed than what they did on the pitch.

Bryan Robson was player manager.  In the summer he had signed Phil Stamp, Gary Walsh and Nick Barmby but soon after the season started Boro paid £5 million for Juninho.

It was a signing that captured the imagination and thousands turned up to see the little Brazilian draped in a baggy Boro shirt made by Errea.

Juninho Middlesbrough signing
Image: Action Images

Sit back and enjoy 4 minutes of Juninho spanking in glorious goals.

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