This Tottenham Hotspur goalie shirt is still giving Ian Walker nightmares

The 90s was a golden era for utterly bat sh1t crazy goalie shirts.  Designers from Umbro and adidas would try to out do each other with who could come up with the most garish, sick inducing combination of colours.  Think Schmeichel United shirts or David James in an adidas Liverpool shirt.

Not to be out beaten Pony came out with this outrageous number.  The 1997-99 Tottenham Hotspur goalie shirt.

1997-99 Tottenham Hotspur goalie Pony

The shirt had a bright orange base, then 2 tone blue stripes (turquoise and navy) with yellow hoops and trim.  It’s a little bit like when you design a shirt on Fantasy Premier League with as many crazy colours as possible.

It was worn by Spurs in 1997-98.  They had a tough time and finished 14th in the league.  Sadly the brightness of the shirt didn’t really help Ian Walker in nets who let in 56 league goals that season.

We think the shirt is an absolute winner and is everything you’d want a 90s goalie shirt to be.

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What do you think of our worst kits of the season so far?  Let us know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “This Tottenham Hotspur goalie shirt is still giving Ian Walker nightmares

  1. It’s funny because back then, it was thought that bright colours on a keepers shirt would distract strikers, now we see keepers wearing really quite plain tops in comparison. Is it because strikers are so much more professional and aren’t easily distracted now or is it because that old line of thinking wad pseudo rubbish?
    Who knows but I lament the loss of these old shirts, they may not have aged well but at least they show more originality than the current line of Nike shirts which are all based on the same design but with team colours. I hate that Spurs have Nike kit now, I want to go back to Adidas or, my favourite manufacturer- Umbro!

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