Liverpool’s home kit makes it into our top 10 shirts of 2017-18

Liverpool’s home kit this season is pretty delightful.

The Merseyside club’s simple design and bold red is their best shirt in years, and New Balance have really hit a home run with the Standard Chartered-sponsored jersey.

But we scoured the planet for the world’s best shirts this year, and Liverpool’s classy effort only made it to 10th place.

That said, they’re the only Premier League club we deemed worthy of making the cut.

10. Liverpool (Home)
9. Hamburg (Away)
8. Pumas UNAM (Away)
7. PSG (Home)
6. Boca Juniors (Home)
5. Sampdoria (Away)
4. Flamengo (Away/Home, they’re both brilliant)
3. AC Milan (Home)
2. Palmeiras (Third)
1. Benfica (Home)

See all 10 of the glorious kits here:

We plumped for Benfica as the best shirt because it absolutely oozes class. For us, Adidas have dominated Nike in the kit stakes this year, whose off-the-peg approach has never been more obvious in the case of Chelsea’s away kit and Tottenham’s home kit (they’re almost identical).

Benfica’s kit is minimalist, elegant and nothing short of spectacular.

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