Without doubt the most iconic Manchester City shirt of a generation

Manchester City have had some belting kits over the years but top of the pile is the 1993-94 third kit made by Umbro.

The shirt was white with thin blue pin stripes and a huge City crest and giant collar.

oldham away 1993 to 94 action.jpg

It was worn by City in 1993-94 when their top goal scorer was Niall Quinn, with a whopping 6 goals and donned by legends such a Steve Lomas and Terry Phelan.  The shirt however was made famous by Noel and Liam Gallagher.

Oasis Noel Liam Gallagher Manchester City shirts

The shirt was worn by the Oasis front men in the early 90s for the famous photoshoot with Kevin Cummins.

It was chosen by designer Daryl Higgins as his favourite Manchester City shirt

It has to be the Man City third, from 1993. I guess it’s as iconic now as those Kevin Cummins shots of Noel and Liam Gallagher in them back when Oasis first came on the scene. It still looks good today and is just so simple. I’d probably wear it too, but they’re so hard to find.

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