2018-19 Juventus shirt is absolutely glorious

Football shirt designer Carabajal Franco has made a prediction for the 2018-19 Juventus home and away shirts by adidas and if he is right they are absolutely glorious.

The shirts maintain the Jeep sponsor and new logo but introduces plain white sleeves and reduces the number of stripes so a few thicker and wider black stripes.

The away shirt switches from yellow and green to a beige / grey colour continuing Juventus’ drive into lifestyle fashion.

If Franco is right we think Juventus fans are in for a treat as the shirts are absolutely glorious.

Update:  the prediction was almost sport on.  The only difference being the black box around the Jeep logo on the 2018-19 Juventus shirt by Adidas.  We know which one we prefer.

juventus-18-19-home-kit (1).jpg

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