Remembering Thierry Henry’s return to Arsenal

In 2012, Arsenal’s greatest ever goalscorer, Thierry Henry returned to the club for one final dramatic time.  This is the story of his match winning goal on his return to England, against Leeds in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup in 2012.

About his returning goal the Arsenal striker said;

It’s all kind of weird.  When I came back from holiday in Mexico, 15 days ago, I never thought I’d play for Arsenal again, let alone score the winner. I don’t know what to say, to be honest. The feeling I had when I scored was amazing.

It was probably the greatest moment to have been witnessed at the Emirates stadium.  Tayo Popoola of Tuesday Club fame spoke to players, actors, season ticket holders to see how they remembered it.

You can have a listen here.


  • Andrew Mangan – Editor / Owner – Arseblog.
  • Alan Davies – Actor / Comedian. Host of “The Tuesday Club” podcast.
  • Amy Lawrence – Journalist / Author of ” Invincible”.
  • Beccy Thomas – Season ticket holder
  • Charlie George – Ex-Arsenal legend.
  • Hayley Wright – Vlogger at “Diary Of A Season”.
  • Ian Wright – Arsenal legend / Complete hero.
  • Keith Dover – Podcaster at “The Tuesday Club”.
  • Stuart Mcfarlane – Arsenal Chief Photographer.
  • Tom Watt – Actor / Author

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