The most glorious Birmingham City shirt to be worn at St Andrews

Birmingham City have had some belting football shirts over the years but nothing comes close to the 1995-96 Birmingham City home shirt.

1995-96 Birmingham City shirt Admiral

The shirt was made by Admiral and was worn by half of Birmingham in the mid 90s under Barry Fry.  That season the Birmingham City manager had 44 players in his squad.  For a club the size of Birmingham, that’s nuts.

The shirt is cracking.  It is made by Admiral and has ‘the blues’ embroidered all over it.  The round neck collar is blue with Admiral in white in the centre like a priest and 2 white stripes on each arm.

It was worn by absolute legends as Birmingham City finished 15th.  Experienced pro’s like Vinny Samways and Steve Claridge donned it as well as up and coming future Champions League winners like Steve Finnan.

We think its a banger.

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2 thoughts on “The most glorious Birmingham City shirt to be worn at St Andrews

  1. I’m very sorry sorry to spoil your party,but, the BEST Blues shirt ever worn at ST Andrews IS, the 70’s Adidas “silk” shirt.

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