This is absolutely Derby County’s greatest ever football shirt

Derby County have had some great shirts over the years ; the 1997-98 Puma (Paolo Wanchope shirt), the tidy 1989 Umbro shirt.  But nothing comes close to the 1993-95 shirt made by Bukta.

1993-95 Derby County shirt Bukta

We love it for 3 reasons.

  1. It has a huge ram as a badge – there is nothing subtle about.  No badge or circle.  The crest is a huge ram with a huge head.
  2. It is made by everyone’s favourite kit maker Bukta.  The kit maker of the late 80s and 90s who also made West Ham’s shirt.
  3. It has black pin stripes – in a nod to their home stadium, the Baseball Ground, Derby County went for black pin stripes on the shirt.  It is similar in style to the Chicago White Sox that Michael Jordan donned when he switched to baseball from basketball.

Michael Jordan Chicago White Sox

The shirt was worn by Derby County when Arthur Cox retired as manager and was replaced by Roy McFarland.  It was worn by goal machine Tommy Johnson as well as fellow strikers Paul Kitson and Marco Gabbiadini.  American John Harkes bloody loved it.

Be like Michael and pick up your 1993-95 Derby County shirt in our marketplace for £39.99.


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