These Real Madrid and AC Milan shirts will put a smile on your face

Diana Al Shammari aka The Futbol Gal has pimped up her football shirt collection and the results are amazing.   The designer has taken her AC Milan and Real Madrid shirts and added flowers and designs to ‘glow them up’.

Check out our Nivelcrack collection.  Fresh from South Korea.  Shipped from UK.

The experiment started when she ruined her AC Milan shirt in the wash so she decided to fix it up.

Since Diana has ‘glowed up’ her entire adidas collection from; Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich plus her Nike PSG shirt and is now taking commissions;

Due to popular demand from so many wonderful people wanting to make their jerseys a little bit more glowed up (is that even a word?🤔) I have decided to take commissions so that more people can have flowers and rhinestones and lace on their ⚽️ shirts because why the hell not!

If you want to commission your own shirt you can message Diana on Instagram.

Let us know what you think of the shirt in the comments below and check out our concept shirt collection. 


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