Manchester United’s new kit is absolutely obscene but it only exists on FIFA

Manchester United and adidas have released a banging new 4th kit but you won’t be able to get your hands on it because the strip is exclusive to FIFA 18.

The kit is all black, with a white United crest, with 3 adidas stripes on the shorts, trim of the arm and socks and has pink splattered across the front.  We think it is absolutely beautiful.

Sad news is that the kit will only be available through Ultimate Team.  Players who selected United as their favourite team on their active profile before December 15 can get it.

Manchester United 4th kit FIFA

For everybody else, it’ll be available in packs and on the transfer market.

Manchester United are the first Premier League club to do such a move.

Juventus, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid also revealed exclusive digital kits.  All of the kits have a black base but the Bayern shirts has a huge sash and the Juve shirt a massive logo.

What do you think of the Manchester United digital kit?  Let us know in the comments below.

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