Why Van Persie’s volley for Manchester United was much better than his one for Arsenal

What makes a goal, great.  The assist?  The opposition?  The build up or just the strike?  We posted a video of our favourite volley’s yesterday and there was a lot of debate about Robin Van Persie and which of his (Arsenal v Everton or Manchester United v Aston Villa) were best?

Robin Van Persie is the master of the left foot volley.  He’s scored 3 worldies especially when the ball is played over the top.   2 for Arsenal and 1 for United.

The first he got for Arsenal was away to Charlton.  Eboue played in the cross and Van Persie distorted his body to volley it into the top corner.  The other came at the Emirates.  The score was 0-0 and Alex Song clipped a ball over the top for Van Persie to connect with into the corner.

His winner for Manchester United came on the day they clinched the league in 2012-13.  Rooney played the quarter back pass.  Van Persie peeled off the defender and smashed it in beyond Aston Villa goalie, Brad Guzan.

The Dutch striker thought it was his best for Manchester United and told MUTV;

It is hard.  Maybe if you look at the day, the occasion and the importance of the goal it was my best one.

Both were great goals but the winner for Manchester United has to be the better volley for 3 reasons.
  1. The occasion – the goal settled the Premier League title.
  2. The assist – quarter back pass from Wayne Rooney or chip from Alex Song?
  3. The height – this is a huge part for us.  Against Villa the ball nestled in over Brad Guzan.

Either way each goal is class.  Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below.


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