Remembering when Blackburn Rovers Le Saux and Batty had a punch up in Moscow

Let me take you back to 22nd November 1995. Robson & Jerome are top of the charts with ‘Up on the roof’. Toy Story has just been released and England players Graeme Le Saux and David Batty had a dust up whilst playing for Blackburn Rovers away to Spartak Moscow.

Blackburn were playing away in the Champions League, having won the league the season before under Kenny Dalglish.

They had a new manager in Ray Harford and things didn’t start well.  There was a bad atmosphere in the changing room after a poor start to the season and there had been run ins between Le Saux and Batty at training and in the previous league game.

Losing 3-0 it all kicked off between in the incident that had been brewing for weeks.

Speaking to the Quickly Kevin podcast Le Saux said it was his most embarrassing moment in football and he had let everyone down.

I instinctively just hit him.  I broke my hand and he had a lump on his cheek.

And that in highly competitive players need support;

Sometimes players and relationships need managing and if it had be diffused in a different way it would have been resolved.

David Batty was a quiet member of the squad.  He kept himself to himself and liked reading crime.  He was the only Blackburn player who didn’t make it back to the 20th anniversary celebrations.

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