When Alan Shearer smashed Keith Gillespie’s head on a Newcastle United team night out in Dublin

Heard the one about when Alan Shearer, Keith Gillespie and a plant pot walked into a pub.  No, it’s not a bad joke, it’s  Newcastle United’s mid season trip to Dublin in 1997.

Keith Gillespie was speaking about the dust up on Fighting Talk’s live event in Northern Ireland a few weeks back.

“I knocked some cutlery off the table accidentally.  He looked over to say “pick that up”, and I just didn’t like the way he was talking to me.

Newcastle United v Barcelona 1997

I just turned round and said: “Right. Outside now!” And he took me up on the offer.”

Shearer hit Gillespie on the side of the head, who on the way down bashed his head on a plant pot.  Spark out in a pub in Dublin.

Worried about press turning up captain Rob Lee asked Steve Howey to get Shearer out of there and think of an excuse.  So what did the centre back come up with?  Gillespie tripped, got pushed over?   No.  It was a hit and run.  That’s right.  Keith Gillespie, was hit by a car in the middle of a pub in Dublin.

Top thinking Steve.

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