Chelsea legend Lampard on why he and Fabregas hated each other

It turns out that two Chelsea midfielders – one past and one present – didn’t like one another that much.

Chelsea’s all-time top goalscorer and all-round decent bloke Frank Lampard lifted the lid this weekend on a rumoured feud between him and current Blues centre midfielder Cesc Fabregas.

It’d be fair to say that Fabregas has form for rubbing some opposition managers and players up the wrong way – Mark Hughes, Sir Alex Ferguson and Fernandinho have all clashed with the Spain playmaker – and now Lampard claims that the pair never got on as adversaries, citing the on-pitch feud with Fabregas as the reason for him leaving Stamford Bridge.

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Fabregas joined Chelsea from Barcelona in 2014, shortly after Lampard called time on his 13-year stint in west London.

“We never played together! They let me go to get Cesc in,” Lampard said on BT Sport this weekend.

“Me and Cesc never really got on well on the pitch so they didn’t think we could share a dressing room.”

Jack Wilshere shone some light on the animosity between the pair back in 2012, ahead of the Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea.

“I think Cesc would love to score tonight,” Wilshere wrote on Twitter five years ago. “Him and Lampard never liked each other on the pitch.”

After leaving Chelsea, Lampard signed for New York City, but wound up playing half a season at Manchester City, shocking a number of Blues fans in the process.

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