This Cristiano Ronaldo goal for Manchester United in the Champions League will get you out of bed

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a lot of goals.  Headers.  Free kicks.  Tap ins.  But nothing beats this belter of a strike for Manchester United v Porto back in 2008.

It was chosen by Sheridan Bird and Graham Ruthven as their favourite goals in our favourite football shirt interviews.

Manchester United were playing away to Porto in the Champions League and Ronaldo got the ball miles out.  He looked up with no options and thought.  F*ck it.  Bang.  into the top corner.

It has been chosen twice in our favourite football shirt interviews.

Graham Ruthven thought it was ridiculous

Another Manchester United goal sticks in the mind, Cristiano Ronaldo’s strike against Porto in 2008. To even shoot from that range was ridiculous. To drive it into the top corner from there was unbelievable.

Sheridan Bird can’t get enough of it

It is one of the goals I watch regularly on YouTube.

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