This Liverpool 3rd shirt is everything that was right about the 90s

In the mid 90s adidas entered a reign of bashing out bright, big and bold football shirts for Liverpool.  The jewel in the crown was the 1994-95 3rd kit.

1994-95 Liverpool 3rd shirt Robbie Fowler

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The 1994 Liverpool 3rd kit was gold a black with a button up collar and 3 adidas stripes on each sleeve.  The Liverpool crest is emblazoned throughout in what can only be described as an absolute gem of a shirt that is equally as horrific as mesmeric.

It was Scott McRoy’s as his first ever football shirt

My first shirt was a fairly obscure Liverpool one from the 1994/95 season I got it for my birthday. It was our third kit, It was rarely seen gracing the pitch in top flight games, but I used to wear it everywhere, The V Neck collar was fairly big – and anyone who wore that away shirt was suitable prepared for adidas’ offering in the next season.

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