Jens Lehmann’s account of his red card for Arsenal v Barcelona will make you cry

Jens Lehmann was in the form of his life in Arsenal’s run to the Champions League final but it all went to sh1t when he faced Barcelona.

In the 19th minute of the final Lehmann came rushing out and smashed Eto’o leading to a red card.  Speaking to The Daily Telegraph for the launch of his new book ‘the madness is on the pitch’ the German goalie reveals how he felt.

He still doesn’t know why he did it

To this day, I do not quite know why I had not been able to simply keep my fingers to myself in the 19th minute on that May night at the Stade de France in Paris, 2006.

And felt all alone

As the referee showed me the red card, I felt like the loneliest person on the planet; I could not even muster the strength to complain.

Fergie didn’t really know what to say

Following the dismissal, I slunk into the dressing room to put on a clean shirt. What was I to do now? For a few minutes, I sat around, irresolute, before climbing up the steps to the stands. I bumped into Sir Alex Ferguson, who stared at me wide-eyed, as if he had seen Lucifer himself. ‘Bad luck,’ I said with a shrug, continuing on my way.

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