Remembering Dennis Bergkamp’s wondergoal for Arsenal v Newcastle United: poetry in motion

Dennis Bergkamp was very good at football.  His goal for Arsenal against Newcastle United is the most popular choice in our favourite football shirt interviews.

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The goal was scored away to Newcastle United (title challengers) in March 2002.  “Ten yards before the ball arrived, I made my decision to turn the defender,” Bergkamp said in an interview with Four Four Two in 2011. “I thought the ball was a little too much behind me so I had to turn to control it,” Bergkamp says of Pires’ pass.

“The quickest way to turn the ball was going that way. It looked a bit special or strange or nice but for me it was the quickest way to the goal. The finish: it was just trying to get it past the goalkeeper in such a way he cannot reach it.”

Alex Perry knew he meant it

That Dennis Bergkamp for Arsenal against Newcastle United because he absolutely did mean it.

Bantams Banter claims it was witchcraft

Dennis Bergkamp’s wonderful flick of the ball and turn around Dabizas in 2002 was nothing short of witchcraft. Never have I seen a goal scored with such elegance and such unworldly skills. It’s topped off by his response to a reporter who asked ‘Did you mean to do it?’ to which Bergkamp responded ‘Of course I did.’ Class.

Cristian Nyari called it art in motion

It really is art in motion from one of my favourite players of all time. Bergkamp represents what I value and love about the game – the technique, the artistry and the philosophy above all else.

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