When Alumnia called Arsenal goalie Lehmann a ‘bastardo’

At Jens Lehmann’s time at Arsenal the goalkeeper union didn’t exist.  Jens didn’t do camaraderie and support.  He wanted to make life miserable for anyone who got in his way.  Including Arsenal reserve goalie Manuel Almunia.

I remember going to Arsenal v Blackpool away years ago and Lehmann returned to the club just training.  Due to an injury crisis he ended up on the bench and you could tell in the warm up him just being there played havoc with Almunia.

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Anyway in his biography, The madness is on the pitch, serialised in The Daily Telegraph – Lehmann reveals when Almunia finally lost his cool with the Arsenal goalie.

When the match was over, I went up to him [Almunia]. ‘Listen, when something’s happening at my end, you’re not to yell at the back.’ That was when all his rage broke out of him. ‘What do you want, bastardo?’ ‘What are you saying? Why are you insulting me?’ I shot back. ‘Shut the f*** up, bastardo!’ came the reply. ‘Ah, at least now you’re openly saying what you really think of me,’ I said. ‘This is your true character – insulting colleagues!’

By now, the other players and the boss had noticed our argument and tried to calm us down, having to positively restrain Almunia so that he would not smack me. I, of course, would have welcomed him losing control, since that would have meant getting rid of a rival. Unfortunately, he cooled down again.


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