Watch Manchester United legend David Beckham score a belter and get rinsed playing street football

At an event for the new adidas Capsule collection by David Beckham, the Tango Squad UK were surprised by the appearance of Manchester United legend David Beckham.  He even laced up for the event.

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The event showed off the new the capsule collection, which included cage edition, stadium edition and street edition.

To launch this new collection adidas invited the Tango Squad London to the event to test out the cage collection.

The Tango Squad consist of some of street football’s new young talent but what they did not know was they were about to get a surprise from United legend, David Beckham himself.


David Beckham showed the lads from the Tango squad  that class is permanent playing by showing off his technique.

But he also got rinsed.  You can tell he wasn’t happy about it.


For myself and the boys, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Lucas Siqueira Tango Squad London member.  “It was incredible to receive assists from (Beckham and witness him scoring a trademark goal. Spending the day with my childhood idol was just incredible.

The capsule collection is released on November 20th.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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