Andrew from (French Football Weekly)’s first Celtic shirt stopped him getting stabbed

We caught up with Andrew from French Football Weekly to discuss Steve McManaman wonder goals, Celtic away kits and Lille, Umbro shirts.

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What was your first ever football shirt?

My mum was always scared of letting me wear a Celtic top. Growing up in a town called Cumbernauld it was a very Celtic vs. Rangers sort of place. So as a compromise she bought me away shirt. I think it was awful enough that she hoped I might not wear it, and it wasn’t the green and white hoops, so she thought in some way she was protecting me. After managing to not get stabbed, the following season I was allowed the home shirt. 

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

This is a really difficult one. I must have over 50 football tops and I can think of around 10 shirts that I have lost in the last five years due to moving house and some bags going missing.

However I have to pick a top I own, so I have gone with Lille’s, 2010/11 home shirt. It is the shirt that Lille wore on the way to winning their first title in 56 years and it was the first shirt I bought from the official club store when I went to my first ever home game.


2010-11 Lille shirt

Of course there was only one name I could get on the back. 

What is your favourite ever goal?

To be a little different I wanted to pick a goal I had witnessed in person, although it is still an amazingly tough decision to make.

Watching Celtic as a season ticket holder for seven years gave me the opportunity to watch some of Europe’s finest players score some special goals in the Champions League and UEFA Cup.

I have gone with Steve McManaman’s wonderful solo run in the 90th minute against Celtic. He levelled the game at 2-2.  It was enough for Liverpool to win the tie. A superb solo effort that started about 10 feet from me in the Main Stand. 

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