This is without doubt Chelsea’s greatest ever away shirt

Ok so its a big claim but without doubt this Chelsea away shirt is one of the greatest in their history.

The mid 90s was a golden era for Chelsea shirts.  We had the infamous grey and orange away shirt and the classic 1994 shirt with Coors sponsorship but without doubt this beauty has to be up there.

The 1990-92 away shirt was made by Umbro and was an absolute banger.

Granted Chelsea had a stinker of a season in the shirt finishing in mid table obscurity but we love it for 3 reasons.

The Umbro logo had a small u

It’s the little things right but the early 90s shirts had a small u only to be made capital in the mid 90s.

The button collar

A sign of class.  A white collar with red trim and a button.  Classic.  Additionally the red diamonds sprawled all over the shirt is class.

The sponsor

Computer sponsors are the best.  Think Fiorentina Nintento shirts, Arsenal SEGA shirts and what better for Chelsea than Commodore 64.  Brings back memories of California Games and Paperboy.

Lets us know what you think of the 1990-92 Chelsea away shirt in the comments below and grab yours in our marketplace.



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