Michael Thomas knew in his bones he’d score for Arsenal v Liverpool in ’89

In 1989 Arsenal faced Liverpool at Anfield in the last game of the season knowing that only a 2-0 win would be enough to win the league.  It was the greatest ending to a league season.

Last night Arsenal legends gathered at the premiere of the 89 documentary at the Holloway Road Odeon and relived how they managed to pull it off.

The 89 film was produced by football writer, Amy Lawrence and looks back on the season and the title win.  Following the premiere there was a Q&A chaired by the Tuesday Club’s Alan Davies with legends; Lee Dixon, Michael Thomas, Tony Adams (in his green suit) and manager George Graham.

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Lee Dixon knew it would be ok because George said so

When asked if he was nervous, right back Lee Dixon said that everything was against us and it was easy for negative thoughts to get in his head.  But he was able to keep calm and put the thoughts to the back of his head as George said ‘it would be ok’.

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Michael Thomas knew in his bones his chance would come

Match winner Michael Thomas said he was afraid when his chance game.  He had fluffed one earlier in the match but deep down knew ‘in his bones’ another chance would come.

The film is out from 20th November but you can watch the trailer here and if you’re in the market for an 89 Arsenal shirt pick yours up here.


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