When Adebayor stormed into the Tottenham Hotspur boardroom because he had to order an Uber

Emmanuel Adebayor is not an easy player to manage.  Especially when he needs to order a taxi to get home.  Ask Pochettino.

Guillem Balague’s new book, Brave New World: Inside Pochettino’s Spurs, provides first-hand accounts of Pochettino’s time in charge at Tottenham Hotspur, how he transformed the club and dealt with the players.

One of the toughest players he had to manage was the striker Emmanuel Adebayor.  Believe or Pochettino actually had a soft sport for the Togolese striker and found him quite the charmer.

Ade’s eccentricities gave us plenty of laughs.

One of the most bizarre moments came when striker Adebayor lost his sh1t at Pochettino and Daniel Levy.

Adebayor angrily barged into a meeting Pochettino is having with director Franco Baldini and chairman Daniel Levy, when he found out he had been left out of the Spurs squad.

Baldini and Levy weren’t impressed with the interruption and everyone was expecting Adebayor to kick off as he wasn’t in the team but he was not cross not to be playing.  Why was he so angry?   He was annoyed as he had already sent his chauffer home and so would now have to book a minicab!

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